We have setup great ways for you to fundraise this year . . . . .

In order to help each player cover their Player Responsibility Fee - we have setup three great fundraisers!

Chocolate Bars:

We will be selling World's Finest Chocolate Bars starting in October this fall (we are looking at kickoff on 10/9). Each bar will sell for $1.00 and we will profit $.50 per bar. Each bar you sell, you will be credited $.50 toward Player Responsibility Fees. You will be offered the opportunity to take a case or several cases - however these can not be returned to us if opened. You may turn in money as you sell one case or you can turn in money when the fundraiser is over - first of December.

Outfield Signs/Ad Signs:
Beginning the first day of Holiday Break - a 2018 AdBanner / Outfield Sign list will be sent via email to Parents. This list will have businesses we have contacted over the past few years and a player listed next to the business. Players that are listed have a relationship with the business and will once again be contacting them. Should they decide not to contact that business, they will remove their name from the list and any space that is empty is open to players (on a first come basis). The Ad Sign has approximately 50 signs - once those are sold at $110/each, we still will welcome businesses to donate but can not guarantee a spot on the sign.

There will be ten (10) Exclusive Outfield Banner placements for businesses to purchase and advertise. These signs will surround the Wildcat Scoreboard - these spots will be offered for $1000 per sign. Again these are exclusive and only ten will be sold. Those that held signs last year will be offered the opportunity to renew their spot first then if they do no renew or there is an open spot - others may offer the spot.

In order to get signs and banners complete - we ask that all money for these be turned in prior to February 10, 2019. It takes approximately two weeks turnaround time to get these complete from the printer.


Back again this year is the Hit-A-Thon - it was a major success last year and we expect nothing different this year. We feel as it can only grow and get better each year. We ask that each player participate and to find a minimum of $1.50 per foot pledge. This is a great way to ask parents, family and friends for donations. More info will be passed out just after tryouts and teams are set. Then on Friday, February 8, 2019 - Players will take the field under the lights and swing for the fence!

Remember - participating in the fundraisers listed - a portion of each fundraiser will go toward the Player Responsibility Fee - which goes toward Jerseys, Player Packs, Travel, Food and other needed items for the season.

Other Fundraiser:

Seafood Festival:

We have been approached with a great opportunity to work at the Seafood Festival this year. We will need 60 volunteers - this can be made up of some of our players and parents. All money that we earn from this fundraiser will go toward purchasing Helmets and Batbags for players. If you want to have these items for your son for the 2019 season we ask that you take part in this fundraiser.